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June 2023

MCVP campaign featured in new academic journal

The inaugural issue of the Journal for Women and Gender Centers in Higher Education features an article by Whitney Hills and Brooke Adams about the MCVP’s “You Might Be Causing Harm If . . . ” campaign! The article covers the concept behind the campaign and how it was carried out, with tips for other campuses that want to create their own campaigns focused on interrupting harm. You can read the journal article here.

May 2023

Check out The Academic Minute!

MCVP Director Chris Linder is featured on The Academic Minute, a radio show from WAMC Northeast Public Radio that features scholars and researchers giving short takes on areas of expertise. Chris shares why stopping sexual violence on college campuses is imperative and the new mindset she believes that will take. Lynn Pasquerella, president of the American Association of Colleges and Universities, hosts the show. It airs on 70 stations in the U.S. and Canada. Listen at this link.

March 2023

Shout out to Lyn Hinckley and Kathie Miller!

For the second year in a row, the University of Utah ‘s Office of Alumni Relations recognized one of the MCVP’s community advocates at its annual Founders Day celebration. The U presented Lyn Hinckley and her husband Jim with Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Awards at this year’s event. The award is given to alumni for outstanding professional achievements, public service and/or commitment to the U. Watch the video tribute to the Hinckleys here.

Kathie Miller received an Honorary Alumna award in 2022, recognition given to an individual who did not attend the U and who has contributed significantly to the advancement of the university through personal involvement, including donations, volunteer work and/or other forms of support. Watch the video tribute to Kathie here.

Jill McCluskey: There’s work to be done (At the U, 03/09/23)

February 2023

Students Lead Conversations on Consent at McCluskey Center for Violence Prevention Event (The Daily Utah Chronicle, 02/15/23)

January 2023

McCluskey Campaign Points Out Ways Students Might Be Causing Harm (The Daily Utah Chronicle, 01/31/23)

Online dating safety bill advances (Fox 13, 01/20/23)


U Staff Recognize Male Victims of Domestic Violence (The Daily Utah Chronicle, 11/20/22)

Students React to the U’s Troubling Stalking Statistics (The Daily Utah Chronicle, 11/20/22)

New Course on Sexual Violence Among College Students to be Taught Spring Semester (The Daily Utah Chronicle, 11/6/22)


Language gap complicate awareness and reporting of dating violence (attheU, 10/27/22)

U professor to lead Journal of Diversity in Higher Ed (attheU, 10/18/22)