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March 2023

Jill McCluskey: There’s work to be done (At the U, 03/09/23)

February 2023

Students Lead Conversations on Consent at McCluskey Center for Violence Prevention Event (The Daily Utah Chronicle, 02/15/23)

January 2023

McCluskey Campaign Points Out Ways Students Might Be Causing Harm (The Daily Utah Chronicle, 01/31/23)

Online dating safety bill advances (Fox 13, 01/20/23)


U Staff Recognize Male Victims of Domestic Violence (The Daily Utah Chronicle, 11/20/22)

Students React to the U’s Troubling Stalking Statistics (The Daily Utah Chronicle, 11/20/22)

New Course on Sexual Violence Among College Students to be Taught Spring Semester (The Daily Utah Chronicle, 11/6/22)


Language gap complicate awareness and reporting of dating violence (attheU, 10/27/22)

U professor to lead Journal of Diversity in Higher Ed (attheU, 10/18/22)