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Our Mission

The McCluskey Center for Violence Prevention at the University of Utah engages in research and education on sexual violence among college students, particularly as it affects students from historically minoritized backgrounds, including students of color, queer and trans students, and students with disabilities. The center seeks to bridge the gap between research and education by bringing together researchers, prevention educators and students to focus on scholarship and best practices for understanding, intervening in, and preventing sexual violence. In carrying out this mission, the center's work benefits students of all backgrounds and demographics.

Our Team

The McCluskey Center for Violence Prevention is led by faculty, staff and student assistants. Faculty and staff in the center strive to engage in transformative practices aimed at shifting the campus culture to address violence at its roots. Our staff conduct on-going, in-depth research about the roots of sexual violence and use that knowledge to design educational programs and content. We intentionally hire students who are passionate about violence prevention, without requiring them to have previous experience in this area and mentor them throughout their time working for the center.

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Keeping Lauren’s Promise

The McCluskey Center for Violence Prevention is named after Lauren McCluskey, a communications major at the U, who was senselessly murdered by someone she briefly dated in October 2018. We strive to honor Lauren's legacy by working to end relationship and sexual violence among college students. On our We Remember page, linked here, we honor other members of our campus community who've died as a result of relationship and sexual violence.


Lauren McCluskey (Photo / Steve C. Wilson / University of Utah)

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